Cheyenne Jagger lives in beautiful Hawaii on the island of Maui. She creates unique designs in precious metals and Gemstones.

 Here in Hawaii we have over 50 names for the different rains, my favorite is "Ulalena", this is rain that is no more than a light mist upon your skin. My Home studio is outdoors in the heart of Haikus beautiful rainforest and each piece I make is infused with this Ulalena rain. When you wear my jewelry no matter where you are in the world you have a piece of Hawaii and Haikus Ulalena with you. 

 Jewelry is more than just an accessory, It tells a story of a special moment, time, place, or person in your life. I'm here to bring the sensations and memories of these stories back to life every time you wear one of my pieces.    

 Cheyenne Jagger