Raised in Hawaii, I have been inspired my whole life by jewelry and its evolution over thousands of years. When I was 15 I began making silver bangles and gradually over the years have honed my own unique skill and style. The metals I work with are high karat Gold and Fine silver. Each season my line has a story, it resemble something that impacted me during my design process. Making custom pieces for my customers is also something very important to me as a jeweler. Jewelry is a way of expression, its holds memories and feelings, and it can even bring you back to a specific time or person in your life. I guess you can say Jewelry allows you to time travel!

From growing up in Hawaii, running around barefoot my whole childhood, I naturally have always felt very connected to nature and the elements. When I started working with metals I loved the feeling of creating beautiful jewelry from these natural elements that come from our earth. My inspiration is everything, starting from the different layers of rock and clay you find on the ocean cliffs, to some of the ancient designs our ancestors have left us to admire. When you wear my jewelry no matter where you are in the world you have a piece that not only looks beautiful but has a story, a soul, and depth to it . 

XX Cheyenne Jagger